IMET Strategic Roadmap

June 2019

The project was established

February 2020

IMET white paper 1.0 is officially made public.

May 2020

IMET commercial DAPP [traffic package plan 1.0] launch

2020 Q4

IMET public ownership chain

2021 Q4

IMET main network officially launched, Complete the release of the project code open source and related parameter specifications.

2019 Q4

the technical team established alliance community construction, system module development, network research and development, security encryption, P2P communication network program development in 2019.

March 2020

The strategic investors and partners of the project will hold a consensus meeting by the alliance community in March 2020, and launch the IMET consensus round.


to start the development of the all-node consensus mechanism of the IMET block chain. IMET has successively launched the test version of the three mainstream exchanges


completed the technical solution version 1.0 of the yellow book, completed the consensus mechanism of all nodes of the IMET block chain, mining and trading transformation, released the test network to run tests and completed the development of supporting mining procedures

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